A Snapshot of Early Childhood Quality Coaching

by Jennifer Garcia, Early Childhood Quality Coach

Hi! I’m Jennifer, and I am an Early Childhood Quality Coach at Denver’s Early Childhood Council. We receive funding from and partner with the Denver Preschool Program (DPP) to deliver quality improvement coaching and professional development trainings to participating preschool programs.

This is me and Covi Melissa Rodriguez in a remote coaching session! Covi and others like her are the reason why I love my job so much.

Covi is a Bilingual (Spanish and English) Lead Teacher at Anchor Center for Blind Children. I was able to see Covi in action last year. I did a Pre-K CLASS® observation with her in 2019 and then we met online for follow-up coaching. She and I have developed a great relationship over the years!

She is very motivated to attend Denver Preschool Program (DPP) trainings and coaching sessions. She recently finished the “Good to Great” series and is registered for DPP diversity training. She also attends Conscious Discipline® Book Club coaching sessions using DPP coaching hours and is on track to earn eight DPP coaching sessions to progress in her teaching practice. She uses her DPP Teacher Achievement Award money to buy books for college.

Covi and I will have to pause our coaching visits due to my military service obligations this spring. However, I look forward to learning about her work with the children when I return!

You can learn more about the “win-win-win” benefits of DPP for early childhood teachers, programs, and families at dpp.org.