A Note of Appreciation for the Challenges Child Care Providers Face

by Dora Esparza, Business Leadership Specialist

Dora Esparza

Over the last few weeks, child care providers have grappled with whether to stay open or close their programs. Denver’s Early Childhood Council coaches often hear, “who do you know who is doing this right?” Truthfully, the answer is all of us. If you are a child care provider and decide to stay closed as a precaution, you are doing it right. If you decide to open with safety measures in place, you are doing it right. As long as you are being responsive and strategic, you are making the best of a situation where there are no clear answers.

These decisions can be scary and overwhelming. After taking the time to thoughtfully consider what works for you, your community, and your business, know that you are making the best decision possible during this period of uncertainty. Your approach might differ from others in the community, and that’s okay.  Try your best to make a contingency plan and think about all the possibilities in the future, but don’t let it bog you down. You are doing your best; hold your head high, take a deep breath, and remember to take care of yourself in the midst of it all.

People who work in early childhood are among the most compassionate I have ever known. The love and concern you have for children and families is overwhelming. The level of pride and dedication is something I have never seen in any other field. And, yet, you are sometimes overlooked. You aren’t always on the news for the risks you are taking to provide child care on a daily basis, even during the best of times. But know, sincerely, that we see you. We see the sleep-deprived teacher with her own children at home, trying to give her preschoolers all the care she can through virtual lessons. We see the director who has had many sleepless nights thinking about how to make the best choices to keep her staff employed and the children safe. We see the cooks who are working to provide the best nutrition for children of essential workers while struggling to get what they need for their own families at home.

While ECE workers may not be at the top of the list right now in getting the national recognition you deserve, one silver lining coming out of this crisis is that light is being cast on the fragile nature of the early childhood system, which can be a catalyst for change.

Know that we see you. You are doing it right. You are appreciated.

All our appreciation and support,

Dora Esparza and the rest of the staff at Denver’s Early Childhood Council

To help you find resources to guide your decision making, we have created a framework to support your choice to re-open or remain closed. Click here to access the decision-making framework tool.

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