Meet the Team

  • Casey Badger
    Casey Badger Oversight Council Vice-Chair

    Domain: Local business and communications

  • Scott Burns
    Scott Burns Educational Partnerships Manager, Discovery Education

    Board Chair

    Domain: Education

  • Charles Dukes
    Charles Dukes Education Policy Director, Office of Children's Affairs, City & County of Denver

    Oversight Council Chair

    Domain: Local government

  • Maria Hannon
    Maria Hannon Senior Director of Human Resources, Colorado Health Foundation

    Domain: Human Resources

  • Todd Jorgensen
    Todd Jorgensen Deputy Executive Director, Denver Human Services

    Domain: Local Government – City

  • Jennifer Laughlin
    Jennifer Laughlin Chief Financial Officer, Altia


    Domain: Finance

  • Lisa Roy Ed.D.
    Lisa Roy Ed.D. Executive Director, Early Education, Denver Public Schools


    Domain: ECE – Superintendent

  • Sharon Triolo-Moloney
    Sharon Triolo-Moloney Director, P-3 Alignment (retired) Colorado Dept of Education

    Vice Chair

    Domain: Education