Meet the Team

  • Casey Badger
    Casey Badger, Oversight Council Vice-Chair

    Domain: Local business and communications

  • Dawn Davenport, Ph. D.
    Dawn Davenport, Ph. D., Director of Clinical Services, Child & Family/Licensed Psychologist

    Domain: Mental Health

  • Charles Dukes
    Charles Dukes, Education Policy Director, Office of Children's Affairs, City & County of Denver

    Oversight Council Vice Chair

    Domain: Local government

  • Diana Gadison
    Diana Gadison, Director, Early Success Academy

    Domain: ECE

  • Gerie Grimes
    Gerie Grimes, President & CEO, Hope Center

    Oversight Council Chair

    Domain: ECE


  • Pamela Harris, Ph. D
    Pamela Harris, Ph. D, President & CEO, Mile High Early Learning

    Domain: ECE

  • Malinda E. Jones, Ed.D
    Malinda E. Jones, Ed.D, Assistant Professor of ECE, Metropolitan State University of Denver

    Domain: ECE, Higher Education

  • Jennifer Koch
    Jennifer Koch, Director of Integrated Behavioral Health for School Based Services, Denver Health

    Domain: Health

  • Susan Kotarba
    Susan Kotarba, Director of Neighborhood Services, Denver Public Library

    Domain: Local Government, Family Support, Parent Education

  • Heather Ramey
    Heather Ramey, First Steps Pediatric Therapy

    Domain: Parent of a child under 5, Health, Resource & Referral

  • Kathryn Santoro
    Kathryn Santoro, VP, Assistant General Counsel, Janus Capital Group

    Domain: Parent of a child under 5, Law

  • Jane Walsh
    Jane Walsh, Early Education Coordinator, Denver Public Schools

    Domain: Local school district Early Education Coordinator, Denver Public Schools