Gardening Education for Preschool Teachers

Registration Required

Date of Event: May 17, 2017 - May 17, 2017

Starts at: 6:00 pm

Culture Garden Market, 3833 Steele St #B, Denver, CO 80205

Gardening Education for Preschool Teachers is a course designed to help educators pique the interest of children in gardening and observing plants. The first part of the course covers the different types of plants and their habitats, the plant life cycle, basic photosynthesis, the needs of plants, as well as modern and prehistoric gardening. The second part includes hands-on exercises in planting various kinds of seeds, rooting stem cuttings, watering plants correctly, using compost, and understanding how light, temperature, humidity and pests affect our garden plants. We intend to help teachers turn gardening into a favorite activity of next generation by exploring possibilities and finding the fun in it!

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