Good to Great (CLASS® ) Module 3: Instructional Support

Registration Required

Date of Event: March 5, 2019 - March 5, 2019

Starts at: 5:30 pm

Clayton Training Center, 3975 MLK Blvd Denver, CO 80205

In many early childhood classrooms, the focus is more on acquiring facts and less on the discovery process and helping each child construct his or her own learning. As children prepare for the challenges of the 21st century, it is critical for them to learn not just facts but how those facts are interconnected and organized, to be aware of and be able to explain their own thinking, and to be able to problem solve and enthusiastically engage in the scientific process of discovery. This workshop explores the teaching competencies needed to support each child’s development of higher-level critical thinking skills. Participants also have an opportunity to explore the types of activities that support concept development and language growth.

Participants learn to:
• Describe the child as the scientist in the classroom
• Examine the role of language in the development of higher level thinking
• Identify strategies for engaging children in the scientific process
• Develop a plan for applying at least one new teaching strategy in the classroom

This training is generously funded by the Denver Preschool Program!

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