Successful Inclusive Classrooms: Environment

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Date of Event: November 14, 2020 - November 14, 2020

Starts at: 9:00 am

Virtual training

A Toolkit for 0-5 Workshop

This training is built to scaffold across the 3 part series with all the pieces woven together; however, each piece can be taken independently because it will focus on an different element and context each week.

Workshop style means it will be hands on opportunities to use the curriculum planning tools the facilitator will provide including; Conscious Discipline(MAP, RTI, and ILYR) and Pyramid Plus(building blocks classroom activity matrix, ELO and curriculum modifications guide) tools. This training addresses bias in one of the opening exercises.

Environment (1 of 3): 

  • Importance/ Research: Why:  We will start with why is this important in ECE, the classroom and child. Participants expertise tied back to quotes from research in child development and special education.
  • Evidence based Strategies: How: Go over some of the evidence based strategies in this area and support  in problem solving how adults can facilitate this for children.
  • Implementation in the classroom/school: What: participants will workshop in their small group actually lesson planning for a classroom with individualization in this area.
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