Get Involved

Over 13,000 young children under the age of 5 in Denver live in poverty, and many more children have other factors that put them at risk of falling short of their potential if they do not have access to high quality early learning opportunities.


By donating to Denver’s Early Childhood Council, you can help ensure:

  • All children have access to high quality child care and early learning experiences
  • Early childhood professionals working with children have the training and education needed to provide safe and excellent learning opportunities
  • Health services and resources are aligned and accessible for early learning programs, teachers, children, and families
  • Our early childhood system is efficient and sufficiently funded to create lasting change



Denver’s Early Childhood Council is a qualifying agency for the Colorado Child Care Contribution tax credit. Taxpayers who make a monetary contribution to a qualifying agency that promotes child care in Colorado may claim an income tax credit of 50% of the total contribution, in addition to standard charitable deductions.*

For more information about the Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit visit

*As with all charitable contributions, please consult your tax advisor.

Other ways to participate:

We are always looking for great people who want to get involved with our work.

  • Participate on a committee 
  • Serve on our Board of Directors
  • Assist with planning, implementation and data entry for projects and surveys
  • Offer your support for large one-day events and trainings
  • Volunteer your time on professional services

We would love to hear from you! Contact us today to see how you can put your passion and expertise for early childhood to good work!