Child Health & Well-Being

The first five years of a child’s life shapes his or her future forever. What a child eats and drinks, where they live, how they play, and so many more factors are critical to his or her health and development.

At Denver’s Early Childhood Council, we work collaboratively with schools, early learning programs, health care, and mental health care organizations on issues ranging from developmental screening and referral to obesity prevention and safe sleep.

Social-Emotional Wellness

Social-emotional well-being includes a child’s ability to experience, regulate and express a range of emotions, develop close and satisfying relationships with other children and adults, and actively explore their environment and learn.

Mental health and well-being is also important for parents and caregivers. Denver’s Early Childhood Council recognizes the need to provide resources and access to mental health services for children, parents and caregivers. The Council works to:

  1. Increase the knowledge about early childhood social-emotional development through education and training
  2. Improve access and availability of early childhood social-emotional and mental health services
  3. Develop the quality of center and home-based care around these issues
  4. Expand the infrastructure to support an early childhood mental health system

Visit our LAUNCH Together page for more social-emotional wellness information and resources for professionals, informal caregivers, and community partners.