Denver Water Lead Reduction Program

NO amount of lead exposure is safe for young children. Children may be exposed to lead from a variety of sources, including lead-containing water pipes. Though the water that Denver Water provides is safe, clean and lead-free, lead can get into the water as it moves through customer-owned plumbing, so they’re replacing customer service lines, one impacted property at a time. To find out if you live in one of them, visit their website.    

Shandy Clinic

The Shandy Clinic is a private outpatient therapy clinic serving patients in Aurora, Monument, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo, Colorado. As a private therapy practice, the Shandy Clinic provides personalized, individual therapy in a friendly, family environment. They evaluate and treat the following areas: Adaptive Development Articulation / Language Autism Spectrum Balance Feeding Fine & Gross Motor Skills General Developmental Delays Handwriting Learning Disabilities Motor Planning Sensory Processing Stuttering

Get Ahead Colorado

Get Ahead Colorado provides resources to families who qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit and other resources that help them get ahead. Get Ahead Colorado is a program of Gary Community Investments, which includes the Gary Community Investment Company and The Piton Foundation, investing in for-profit and philanthropic solutions for Colorado's low-income children and their families.    

Boots on the Ground Report

EARLY CHILDHOOD COUNCILS - Boots on the Ground: Advancing the Shared Vision for Colorado’s Children. Early Childhood Councils, established by legislation, are local collaboratives of public and private stakeholders in the community that work in close partnership to ensure that the youngest children are ready for school and families have the support they need to thrive. By sustaining a network of local, community-driven entities, it is possible to disseminate programming and best practices throughout the state as well as to gather diverse perspectives from Colorado’s many regions. This is the only formalized network that exists in Colorado that crosses all domains and is charged with facilitating development of a coordinated system that supports children by influencing their relationships, environments and communities. In addition, the Buell Foundation supports efforts to improve the access, quality and equity of the three early childhood domains as detailed in the Early Childhood Colorado Framework. As a unique network, the councils are an important lever for systemic change that impacts families with children ages zero to five, and it is imperative that councils function at a high level. This report was produced with support from the Buell Foundation. The Buell Foundation currently invests more than $2 million per year in the early childhood councils across the state.  Funding is provided in the following areas:  infrastructure & systems building, workforce & professional development, quality improvement, increasing access to high-quality child care, and other direct services.  

Child Care Exchange

Child Care Exchange is committed to supporting early childhood professionals worldwide in their efforts to craft early childhood environments where adults and children thrive – environments that foster friendship, curiosity, self-esteem, joy, and respect; where the talents of all are fully challenged and justly rewarded. Since 1978, Exchange Press has promoted the exchange of ideas among leaders in early childhood programs worldwide through Exchange magazine, books, and training resources.    

Diverse BookFinder

The Diverse BookFinder exists to help inform the diversity and representation discussion as a whole. It is a comprehensive collection of children's picture books featuring Black and Indigenous people and People of Color (BIPOC). They’ve cataloged and analyzed trade picture books fitting this criteria, published since 2002, to surface and create an unique circulating system, a search tool, and a source of critical data.  

Careers in Early Childhood Directory

This triennial publication features promising career opportunities to support young children and their families. Thanks to a partnership with the T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® National Center, the Early Childhood Council Leadership Alliance (ECCLA) is able to bring this resource to Colorado.