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At Denver’s Early Childhood Council, we believe all children deserve access to high quality child care and early learning experiences.

Every day we work with child care providers, policy makers and other partners to enhance the quality and availability of child care and early education opportunities for children, because when children and their families – and those who serve them – are supported, our community is strengthened.

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Serving as Denver’s early childhood hub, we provide information, funding resources and ongoing training opportunities for child care and early learning professionals, helping them stay current on ever-changing requirements and new innovations in the field.

Early childhood councils focus on three domains of early childhood, with the child and family at the center:

Throughout our daily interactions with child care and early learning professionals, we are always working to improve the access, quality and equity of services across the domains. We do this in collaboration with diverse stakeholders, including local and state agencies, businesses, health/mental health care advocacy organizations, and policy makers to align and strengthen our comprehensive early childhood system.

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