A Supportive Network for ECE Directors

By Dora Esparza, Business Leadership Specialist

Dora Esparza
Despite all the hats worn by early childhood education directors, running a child care program can be a very isolating experience. You know your job well – the mornings when multiple teachers call in, the days where you unexpectedly must be the cook all day, the daily struggles to prevent staff turn-over – and these are just a few scenarios!

It’s easy to begin to feel removed, easy to feel that the issues you face daily are yours and yours alone. During the time that I have been helping child care centers with their business practices, I have seen how isolated many directors feel. However, you are not alone. Your struggles are something other directors are also facing!

For those times when you feel that nobody else can possibly understand all the crazy things that happened that day, know that there are other people out there who do! Denver’s Early Childhood Council has created the Early Childhood Directors and Admins Facebook group as part of an effort to get resources out there and to assist directors and administrators to realize that there is a supportive network available for them.

During the last few months, I have shared resources about progressive coaching, how to talk to your children about lockdown drills, ideas about self-care, policy writing tips, conversations about struggles with CCAP, and ideas for low-cost staff retention. Although there is an abundance of trainings for teachers, directors and administrators are often left out of on-going continuing education and learning opportunities about innovative ways to support teachers and staff in all the amazing work they do.

This Facebook group is a way for me to help reach directors, as well as for directors to be able to learn from each other and be more effective leaders. It’s meant to be a friendly, informal space to share your thoughts and insights. As always, we can do more together than we can alone.

If you’re not already part of the group, I invite you to join us! Login to Facebook and find us at Early Childhood Directors & Admins in Denver.

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