Effectively and positively address challenging behavior

All behavior has meaning.

Challenging behavior is the way children communicate to us that their social-emotional needs are not being met — or that their social-emotional skills aren’t as well developed.

As educators and families, we play a key role in supporting children’s social-emotional development and early mental health.

Yet we may not feel prepared to respond to challenging behavior or to support children who may be at risk of mental health issues.

If challenging behavior is not effectively addressed, it may have negative impacts on children for many years to come, including increased risk of delinquency, dropping out of school, mental health problems, and other negative outcomes.

The good news is that early interventions work.

When children and families receive high-quality, evidence-based support to address challenging behavior, children can get back on track for success in school and in life.

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Consultation & Coaching on Challenging Behavior

Are you seeing challenging behavior in your program? Do you need fresh ideas for behavior management? We can help!

One of our coaches with expertise in social-emotional learning can work with the program director, all staff, individual teachers, and/or a classroom team. We help professionals understand the meaning behind a child’s behavior and learn effective and positive ways to respond.

Consultation can be in-person or virtual and often includes:

  • Meeting with teachers and family if possible
  • Observation of the classroom
  • Planning with a list of recommended ideas and approaches
  • Meeting with teachers to review the plan and decide on initial steps
  • Coaching and training as needed to implement the plan
  • Follow-up with teachers to review implementation and plan next steps


Contact our coaching team to learn more about the customized training, workshops and coaching we offer to help you and your team effectively and positively address challenging behavior and support social-emotional development.