Expanding Quality in Infant and Toddler Care (EQIT)

The Expanding Quality in Infant Toddler Care (EQIT) training course is designed to provide a solid introduction to infant and toddler development, with a focus on providing quality group care for young children.

The EQIT course is a total of 48 training hours. It is designed to build on the existing knowledge and experiences of infant toddler caregivers — and those who would like to become infant-toddler caregivers.

The EQIT course is offered in both English and Spanish.

EQIT is an in-depth course that is both fun and interactive. It’s ideal for those who have not taken college courses focused on early childhood education and those who would like to improve their knowledge and skills related to infant and toddler care.

Successful completion of EQIT meets the infant-toddler training requirements for early childhood teachers (ECTs), center directors, and licensed family child care homes. College credit may also be available.

Next EQIT Training Opportunity

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The cost of EQIT training can be covered by Colorado Shines Quality Improvement funds or by private pay. Check with your Early Learning Quality Coach to learn more about cost and payment options.


Participants in EQIT training are encouraged to access coaching services to deepen their understanding of child development and skills in the classroom. EQIT coaching is called EQ RELATE and is offered on-site and in-person for EQIT participants who care for infants and toddlers. EQ RELATE coaching focuses on reflection and applying new skills and understanding in the classroom.

EQIT Learning Modules

Participants in the EQIT Course learn about brain development in the first 3 years of life, as well as social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Participants also learn effective ways to partner with families, and evidence-based strategies for curriculum and discipline.

The EQIT training course is a total of 16 three-hour modules. The modules include:

  • The Wonder of Infancy
  • Care of the Spirit
  • Responsive Caregiving for Healthy Relationships
  • Our Partners, The Families
  • Cornerstones of Quality Care: Health, Safety, and Nutrition (two modules)
  • The Power of Places and Spaces
  • Day to Day the Relationship Way: Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers
  • Exploring Early Learning
  • Nurturing Language and Discovering Literacy (two modules)
  • Babies in Motion
  • Understanding and Respecting the Gifts of Culture
  • Welcoming Children with Special Needs
  • Making a Difference with Relationship Based Care
  • Celebrating Our Profession

EQIT Trainers

EQIT instructors are highly qualified and have completed an intensive EQIT Training of Trainers course. EQIT coaches complete additional professional development in the use of the EQ RELATE coaching tool.

To learn more about becoming a trainer for Denver’s Early Childhood Council, please complete this form.


For more information about EQIT training for Denver County providers, please contact the Helpdesk at helpdesk@denverearlychildhood.org.